hostgator affiliate payout

My First Hostgator Affiliate Payout

Who's not excited whenever Paypal sends you an email right? Well this morning I was checking my emails, a normal morning routine for a Virtual Assistant, and was surprised to have received one from Paypal notifying me that Hostgator has sent me my affiliate payout. See … read more


Finally: Now You Can Edit Captions on Instagram

It happens to the best of us. You’ve crafted the perfect Instagram caption along with carefully selected hashtags. And then you spot it: You used “your” instead of “you’re.” You have two options: Delete and repost, or let it slide? Thankfully that conundrum is a … read more


Social Media Tricks for Networking and Marketing

If you ask a business owner what's his highest converting marketing effort, or by simply conducting a careful observation on how you end up purchasing a product, you can conclude that it's mostly through referrals. On this post I will share ideas on how to use … read more


Five Web Design Ideas for Startups

Online advertising and the use of social media for marketing are now essential for a startup, and in fact for any businesses. As a business owner this means having an outstanding website is an integral piece in establishing your brand. As a website designer for … read more


5 Easy Tricks to Double Your Facebook Posts’ Reach

If you are managing a Facebook page you must have already known the exact feeling when no one Likes or Shares or leave Comments on your carefully-thought-of post. It makes you ask "how can my fun and interesting post not get the buzz it deserves?". The key is … read more


A Happier Birthday

I'm turning 29 this Saturday, 13th of September, how cool is that! We'll I guess the purpose of this blog post is for me to tell you to not wait for birthdays to express your wishes and love to your families and friends. Have them know and feel your love for them. … read more


Introducing Instagram’s Hyperlapse

So Instagram just released its new iOS app called Hyperlapse. Yes it is sad to say that the app is only available for iOS but I'm pretty sure there'll be one made for android users. As for someone who make money making videos I think that this app is really cool. I have … read more

what to do on a date

What to do on a Date?

Allow me and my ex-girlfriend (now my wife) to share with you our thoughts on the "why" and some "how to" of dating.   Here are some more important tips you can do to strengthen your marriage. … read more

Withdraw Adsense Earnings

Encash Google Adsense Earnings – Watch me do it!

This blog has been up for two (2) years already. However, I never really paid much time blogging until seven (7) months ago when I decided to at least put more time writing.  And for those seven months of writing, using proper keywords and sharing published posts on … read more