I found One Disadvantage of Working Online Outside

Online Job

My wife and I have been dreaming of traveling while being able to earn to support our needs. We thought of starting our journey on 2016, but 13 days ago our anxious minds said, why wait for two more years when we can do it today. And so it had already been two weeks since we moved outside Manila and found this sweet spot in Ilocos Sur. (You can check our travel adventure on my Youtube Playlist … [Read more...]

Lessons to Learn from Sari-sari Stores in the Philippines

Convenient store

Sari-sari stores are everywhere in the Philippines. We even have our favorites despite normally having at least ten of them in our streets. These small one-stop shops are offering almost anything from candies to prepaid cellphone loads. Simply knock three times on their usually small windows and say your orders and viola you'll have them in less than a minute. A business like Sari-sari … [Read more...]

4 Simple Tips for a more Productive Virtual Assistant

Productive Virtual Assistant

The idea of working at home is really enticing. The time you could have spent traveling back and forth to an office can now be given to other meaningful activities such as attending to your kids or doing other businesses that may add to family's income. These are just some of the many privileges a Virtual Assistant or anyone working at home may enjoy. However, although being a Virtual Assistant … [Read more...]

Business and Life Principles Learned from GDaysManila

“We do these not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”

Thanks to my online friend Rochefel of Professional VA I was introduced to the GBG event that was held last May 24 at the Tenth in Alpha Land Mall in Makati. GBG (Google Business Group) is sponsored by the giant search engine Google. It is formerly known as Women on the Web; it's basically a community of people who educates startups on taking their businesses to the next level using Google … [Read more...]

What Service(s) to offer as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Service

The number of Virtual Assistants from the Philippines (or Overseas Employees as Dave Crenshaw put it) has skyrocketed for the first quarter of this year. Thanks to the local news they have been helpful in bringing this subject to the public. If in case you haven't seen some of these local news, simply click here. With the number of online freelancers adding everyday how can you - a Newbie, who … [Read more...]

Making Money Online – Freelance Work

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A common question I get from my kababayans "making money online, is this for real?"  Yes it is real!  Watch this video and send your questions by leaving your comments below it.   Related post: Can you really make money online? … [Read more...]

4 Mistakes to Avoid when Working with a Virtual Assistant

How to Find a Virtual Assistant you can Trust

Having a good relationship with your Virtual Assistant might be the only thing you need to be one step closer to the success of your business. Make sure to avoid these four common mistakes some business owners commit to keep your relationship with your VA healthy. Not having a careful plan. If you want to get the most out of your Virtual Assistant then you need to pause a little and start … [Read more...]